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Enjoy the potential high returns of the forex market by delegating the heavy lifting to experienced traders and analysts.

Let experienced forex traders and analysts take command of your trading account.

The forex market is highly lucrative, but only for those with the right trading strategies and techniques. Aid & Sox can manage your trading account and give peace of mind that experienced traders are making the best trading decisions for you.

Verify our past performance

We’ve dedicated years to perfecting our automated forex trading strategy called Patience is Key, and we’re confident enough to offer it to the public. The chart below shows our verifiable track record.


If you invested €5,000 on the 1st of April 2021, six months later on the 1st of November 2021, you’d have gained 66.86%, which is a profit of €3,343.

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What is a managed forex account?

A managed forex account is a popular product in the forex trading community. Traders or investors, just like you, open a funded trading account to which you provide limited access to an account manager, like Aid & Sox. Forex account managers trade the funds in your account on your behalf. The trading account is in your name, and the money deposited belongs to you. All we do is open, manage and close trades on your account instead of you. We’re motivated by the commission you pay us for the profit we make you.

What you get from Aid & Sox

We have developed a consistently profitable trading strategy, tested over several years of historical data and traded on the live market for more than one year. We use specialised software to use our semi-automated trading system called Patience is Key and execute transactions in your trading account.

Deposits are kept safe

To keep your money and our money safe, we only cooperate with the most trusted brokers in the industry. We work with FP Markets, a company licensed and authorised by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, which impose strict client money rules to safeguard investor deposits.

Premium trading conditions

Another advantage to cooperating with leading forex brokers like FP Markets is they offer competitive trading conditions and reliable order executions. Lower fees and less slippage directly impact profitability and help us achieve our ultimate goal of growing your trading account.

Follow medium risk strategies

Many forex account managers use extremely high-risk trading systems to wow investors with impressive short-term gains; eventually, those strategies fail, and investor accounts are wiped out. Our Patience is Key strategy is optimised to take a medium-risk approach focusing on sustainable long term account growth.

Dedicated support

We’re here for you at every step of the way. Whether you need help opening your trading account and connecting to the Aid & Sox account management system or you want to troubleshoot any concern you have, you’ll get the support you need.

Complete transparency

We utilise industry-leading technology to show you real-time analytics and let you generate reports and account statements whenever you want. You have the power to withdraw your funds or completely halt trading at any time.

We monitor the markets round the clock

We don’t just enable the trading robot and go for coffee. Our team monitors the algorithm 24 hours per day to ensure we can step and intervene if any extreme market conditions occur out of the blue. We use technology to assist us, but we do not depend on it exclusively.

What our customers say

Feedback from our loyal clients

I’ve been investing in stocks for years, although the gains are steady they accumulate slowly. I learned that forex trading can earn much more and wanted to try. I tried to build a strategy and it took many months but it just wouldn’t work. Eventually, I started looking at many options like robots and managed accounts. Right now I’m testing 3 different providers and Aid & Sox is the best so far!

Liam Ross - Ireland

I use Aid & Sox for three months now and already my account is up 20% which I withdrew as profit. It’s so easy, all I do is check the account on the weekends to see how things are.

Traugott - Germany

I used to spend all weekend doing analysis and planning my trades for the week. I want to invest and grow my savings but that isn’t how I wanna live my life. I’m so happy for finding Aid & Sox because now I just leave it to them and use the weekends for whatever I want, sometimes it’s trading, other times it’s going hiking or cycling.

Evert Woudwijk - Denmark

What is a managed forex account?

To get started with the Aid & Sox managed account service, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

Patience is Key Strategy

How to start

To get started with the Aid & Sox managed account service, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

1. Register with our broker FP Markets using the special link to open a MAM account. is

2. Verify your identity to FP Markets to activate your trading account.

3. Fund your account with any amount upwards of $1,000.

4. Authorise Aid & Sox to trade your account by signing a digital limited power of attorney.

Frequently asked questions

Find out why we do what we do

No. The only fee we charge is a percentage of the profit from profitable trades. There also aren’t any fees for opening a trading account with our broker FP Markets.

Unfortunately, accounts with a balance lower than $1,000 don’t provide enough equity to trade effectively.

Your money is not deposited with Aid & Sox. You deposit funds to our broker FP Markets, which is regulated in Australia and the European Union.

No. We have a limited power of attorney, which only permits us to create and manage orders in your trading account. We are not authorised to make deposits or withdrawals. Fees are calculated and deducted from your account by FP Markets, not by Aid & Sox.

Our Patience is Key trading strategy that is independently verified by Myfxbook. View the verified strategy results by following this link:

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Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative of future results. All investments carry a risk of loss, especially when trading leveraged financial instruments like forex and is not suitable for all investors. Aid & Sox provides an account management service and executes trades on your behalf but does not advise whether this product is suitable for your financial circumstances. You should always seek independent and professional financial advice before investing. Aid & Sox does not provide payment services, hold customer funds or execute orders. All financial services are performed by the FP Markets group of companies.

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